Guest Teacher

Guest Teacher instructs the following:
  • ONE-ON-ONE :: Reiki (book under appointments)
  • BOOK 24h in ADVANCE
    6:30pm or 7:10pm

    Reiki is an ancient holistic healing practice that harnesses the life force energy as a means to restore, heal, and bring balance to a person as a whole. The practice is a gentle and safe hands-on healing approach that allows a person's body, mind, emotions, and spirit to be brought to harmony.

    In a one-on-one session, Chona helps the receiver of Reiki energy get into a relaxed state with the use of essential oils, sound therapy, and crystal healing. While delving into a deep relaxation state, Chona has the universal energy flow through her hands as they hover above the receiver's body. The healing energy can help balance the chakras, reduce stress, and help heal trauma in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
    Chakras are the seven main energy vortex points in the body, that when imbalanced can cause physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional disharmony. At the end of the session Chona will share which chakras need balancing and send the client home with exercises and practices to continue the process of healing. These may include affirmations, mudras, energy exercises, or crystal healing.

    Chona’s sessions are a sliding scale of $40-$80, cash only.