Sondra Sun

What do you hope students take away from your class?

I hope they take away a sense that yoga is a practice for every body; that there is so much more to the practice than trying to achieve "picture-perfect" poses. Yoga is a practice for living life.


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Sondra Sun

Sondra is a musician and artist whose practice of yoga is informed by a lifelong interest in nutritional/naturopathic healing, having grown up with Chinese traditional medicine as the core of her family's health. Sondra has experieced yoga practice as a powerful instrument for change in her own mind, body and health; she teaches with the intention to share this knowledge--to help people find their own practice.
Working in public health policy research and then the NYC fashion industry, Sondra first found her yoga practice as essential stress relief and then as a meditative practice she credits with helping her live a more conscious, intentional and spiritually-aligned life. Sondra's classes focus on alignment, injury prevention and moving w/ mindfulness of body with breath.

What inspires your practice and teaching?

Everyday life, my creative work as an artist, Buddhist philosophy, and the many incredible students and teachers I've had the privilege to work with.



RYT-200, Greenhouse Holistic;
working on 300hr - Yoga Sukhavati


Teaching since 2013
Practicing since 1998

Sondra Sun instructs the following classes:

Yin Restore
A nourishing, meditative practice focused on breath, deep stretching, and relaxation. Postures are held for an extended time allowing for the deep release of muscles and connective tissues. Props are used to support the body in grounded poses allowing it to recharge and gradually build flexibility, focus of mind, and re-balance our Yin and Yang energies.
All levels.

Restore & Meditate
Long day? Unwind with gentle movement & restorative poses to nourish the body and calm the mind. Props support the body to help release tension and encourage the body's own healing power. We end each class with a meditation practice.
All levels.

Yoga Nidra Meditation
Relax in savasana while guided into a "yogic sleep" - the state between wakefulness and sleep. In the distance, the teacher's voice blends with the sound of Tibetan bells. Let traces of the week fade away, time stop, and stillness wash over. Awake from your practice refreshed and rested. Everybody can practice yoga nidra and the benefits are apparent after the first class!

Hatha Yoga
A steady practice with focus on proper alignment and intermittent holding of poses to engage, feel, and move deeper into various asanas. Suitable for, and potentially challenging for all levels, this practice can be taken as easily or deeply as one's body demands on any given day. Practice begins with a warm up, intensifies during the middle portion flow and winds down at the end to lead the practitioner into a state of profound awareness in the final resting pose, savasana.

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